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Design-build renovation, Ithaca, NY

existing plan proposed plan
Existing conditions: ground floor plan Proposal: ground floor plan

Date: 1991-92

Design notes:
This small house was originally a single-family residence that had been converted to a two-family dwelling consisting of identical 1-bedroom apartments on each of the two floors (see plan of existing conditions). The renovation consisted of converting the bottom 1-bedroom apartment into an open living-dining-kitchen for a single-family residence that was now to occupy both floors.

Technical notes:
Modifications were made to the structure in order to open up what were formerly bearing walls enclosing the living room and bed room. In order to transfer the loads from the attic and second floor, a new LVL (laminated veneer lumber) beam was installed below the second floor joists supported on two wood posts. The concentrated load from these posts was accounted for by inserting new angled struts in the basement between the existing column footings and basement girder (see image at right).
. strut

Design-build notes:
I did most of the construction work for this renovation, including all demolition, modifications to heating system (removal and realignment of radiators), new wood framing, patching oak floors, kitchen counters, cabinets, and tile work, new insulation and vapor barrier, new gypsum board walls and ceilings (except taping and spackling by others), ductwork for kitchen vent, and trim.

View into kitchen under new LVL girder
. image
New counter and cabinet above basement stair
. image
New counter at corner window
View of house exterior
. image
Detail of counter and cabinet above stair to basement

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