By following this "Rock 'n' Roll" link, you will be leaving Prof. Ochshorn's academic web site, and entering a crass, commercial environment having little to do with the pursuit of truth and scholarship. Once you leave, your browser's back button is the best way out.

Before joining the faculty at Cornell in 1988, Jonathan Ochshorn was a founding member of the rock group, Rollo. For several years in the early 1980s, Rollo played in various New York City clubs. By the mid-1980s, however, the group eliminated all superfluous musicians and reconstituted itself as a streamlined recording entity consisting only of Jonathan (lead vocals and background vocals, keyboards), his brother Kurt (guitars, synthesizers, horns, background vocals), and chief songwriter Dan Smullyan.

Now, for the first time, 15 of Rollo's songs are available on CD, digitally remastered from the original analog tapes. And the classic Rollo vinyl 45 recording of "Heyday of the Automobile" and "After the Dance" is also for sale. Details and downloads are available on the group's website at www.RolloRocks.com. Jonathan's new songs and videos are here. Check it out!