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Jonathan Ochshorn
Cornell academic homepage

Selected Writings

"Utility's Evil Twin: The Function of Venustas and the Fear of Reality," Val Warke, ed., Cornell Journal of Architecture: 11 (March 2020), Actar Birkhauser Distribution.

Experiencing Urban Infrastructure in Tianjin Spring 2019

Commentary on Cornell University's Fine Arts Library design proposal Summer 2010 – August 2019

Flexibility and its discontents: Colquhoun's critique of the Pompidou Center Spring 2019

Building code violations in Cornell's Fine Arts Library April 2019

Revisiting Form and Forces: A Critique of Graphical Statics April 2017

A Fulbright Journal: Five months in Tianjin, Late December Press (self-published), March 2017.

Structural Elements for Architects and Builders, Second Edition, Common Ground Publishing, Aug. 2015.

Structural element calculators | Bldg. technology calculators

Architecture's Dysfunctional Couple: Design and Technology at the Crossroads July 2014 (PDF version 1.2 MB)

Summary and Critique of LEED Reference Guides:
Version 4 (v4) Summer 2014 | 2009 Version Summer 2010 | Version 2.2 Fall 2007

A Probabilistic Approach to Nonstructural Failure April 2013

Critique of Milstein Hall July 2012 (in progress)

Stirrup Spacing in Reinforced Concrete Beams June 2012

Parody of Paul Goldberger's review of the Barnes Foundation move May 2012

Minimizing Heat Loss through Tapered Insulation August 2011

Determining the Average R-Value of Tapered Insulation Spring 2011

How are holes made in floors (per IBC 2012)?, April, 2010.

Thoughts on Milstein Hall Spring 2009

Approximate Derivation of Critical Buckling Load Spring 2008

What Sustainability Sustains Fall 2007

Designing Building Failures Summer 2006

Overcoming Ambivalence Fall 2005

Reexamining function (Design notes for design-build addition) Summer 2005

exhibition panel
Design Process as "Cause and Effect" | PDF version (as originally formatted)

Essays on 20th-century architectural technology:

Dis-integrating Technology and Design Spring 1999

Disembodied Technology and Design 1993

On the Disappearance of Monolithic Walls: Meditations on a Brick 1992

Structures Teaching Polarities: Seven Teachers' Responses 1992

Teaching Technology: What Do Architects Need to Know About Structures? 1990

Separating Science from Architecture: Why Technology is Taught Outside the Design Studio 1989-1990

Structure vs. the Expression of Structure 1989

Fashionable Building: The Purpose of Architectural Education 1983