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Jonathan Ochshorn is a registered Architect (U.S.A.) with an academic background in structural engineering and urban design as well as architecture. Since 1976, he has practiced architecture and urban design in New York and California. Prior to joining the faculty at Cornell University in 1988, he taught architectural design, structures, and graphic communication at City College of New York while serving as Associate Director of the City College Architectural Center, a research center supplying technical assistance to community groups in New York City. He is the author of Structural Elements for Architects and Builders (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2009). Other publications include studies on the technological evolution of masonry wall construction, the relationship of design theory to technical practice, and strategies for teaching structures to architects. Further information on Professor Ochshorn's courses and selected publications, along with links to his résumé, can be found here. See his photo bio, under construction, for an abbreviated life history.

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These links provide quick access to various items that are for sale. Jonathan Ochshorn's structures text (Structural Elements for Architects and Builders) is available at all major online retailers. His CD, created with the 1980's rock group Rollo, can be purchased, previewed, or downloaded at iTunes or

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